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D Loft: David Ratliff


Message from Dave 4/27/20: Hey guys , I e-mailed Terry Gilmore the other day and as be the computer case he fixed me up , Yesterday the " D " group was let out to fly and when most of them trapped then I let the "C " group out as of yesterday I had all but 2 in and this morning the Silver came back but au- 2020- ARZ - 2162 is still out if he doesn't show up by tomorrow I will get in touch with Reed/Doud and tell him . As usually Mr. Cooper came by to pay a visit. Coopers are bad this time of the year.

If you look at the # under team you will see a 1 or 2 , the 1 is for the C race and 2 is for the D race ! thanks Dave

Thanks again any questions call 337-529-7665 Dave

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