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Important Announcements

It's with great sadness that we announce the passing of Leon Rawdon. He was a true pigeon man and a lifelong friend to many! He was also a great supporter of our Texas Center Ladies Auxiliary! He loved to have fun and enjoy life and he loved his overalls too!! You almost never saw him in anything else! He will be greatly missed.


It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Barbara Segelken of Skidmore, Texas, who passed away on May 27, 2020, at the age of 75, leaving to mourn family and friends. Dick, our throughts and prayers are with you and your family.


A cherished friend and long-time member of the Texas Center, Mr. Jerry W. Hilliard of Belton, Texas passed away recently. Jerry was a 'jack of all trades' and also a 'master of many!' Jerry was a master dog and horse trainer; and a marksman and a printer. He was also a loving and devoted father and husband.

He raced and showed homing pigeons beginning back in ~ 1970 until his passing. He was a competitive racer and won innumerable awards for his individual birds and also his loft. He was also a Show Judge for the Texas Center for many years.

Over the last 30 years, he worked brilliantly to cultivate beautiful white muscle-bound pigeons with perfect feathering that could not only win shows, but could fly the distance! He had tremendous success and we who knew him, had great admiration for his talents handling these magnificent birds. More importantly, however, was the fact that he was a terrific mentor to young and old. Jerry welcomed everyone and made each of us feel special. He was a naturally gifted teacher and he helped many pigeon fanciers get started in our Sport. He exemplified the spirit of 'help the beginner'.

Jerry's family of birds are his, no doubt. Notably, he was dear friends with Chic Brooks of Hapyco Lofts and incorporated Chic's White Bandits as the basis for most of the birds in his loft today.

Jerry is survived by his loving wife, Becky Walker Hilliard of Belton; his son, Ryan Hilliard and wife, Lauren Hilliard of Belton; his daughter, Jaylee Hilliard of Belton, and many cherished family members, and friends that became family.

We are going to be listing birds from Jerry's loft on www.idreampigeons.com auction website over the ensuing days and weeks. Over the last few years, due to failing health, he was unable to keep pedigree and breeding records on most his birds. We have compiled the data that we have for a few limited pedigrees. Never-the-less, the birds are magnificent and worthwhile to consider bringing into your Lofts.

We are most grateful to our mutual friend Frank Mclaughlin for supporting this benefit auction. All proceeds from these sales are going directly to Becky Hilliard of Liberty Meadow Farm in Belton, TX to help with various family expenses.

With kind regards to All,

Dr. Dominic deKeratry
Georgetown, Texas

Hello All,

I hope this finds everyone in good health and safe at home if possible. As the coronavirus pandemic has unfolded it has become necessary to cancel many things including but not limited to the Texas center open race on May 2, 2020. The Texas Center will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect its membership in these unprecedented times thank you and stay safe stay home. Until next time keep them flying

Yours in the Sport,
Roland Gutierrez

Hello All,

As president of the Texas Center I have received several calls on the “Center’s position” as to COVID-19 and its impact on our sport. Obviously, the Center will not take or support any action which violates current city, state or federal laws or executive orders. We are also well aware that some of us have been ordered to “shelter in place” and some have not. So rather than trying to institute a blanket policy, the Center will simply let each of you make those decisions that are necessary and in your and your family’s best interest.
I can tell you that the Northeastern Oklahoma Federation of which I am a member has postponed the start of old bird season from the first week of April until the last week of April. By doing this we will have to cut a couple of races out of our racing schedule, really a small sacrifice given the current crisis.
Further, as of this writing, the Texas Center Open race will still be flown May 2, 2020 from Little Rock, Arkansas. Hopefully things will get better soon given that we are in spring now with warmer temperatures coming. Updates for the Texas Center Open Race will be posted on the website.

Until next time, take care, practice social distancing, and keep’em flying.

Roland Gutierrez
President, Texas Center


It have been brought to my attention that there is some confusion as to making application for this year’s Texas Center Hall of Fame Awards. The 2019 Old & Young bird awards must be sent in as years before to:

Tom Beard
1504 Spoon Ct.
Edmond, OK 73025

Hopefully when we get all the Texas Center club race secretaries to complete the MyPigeon information we will have an easier way to figure our awards.

Thank you and Keep'em Flyin!

To All Race Secretary’s If you have not already sent your Winspeed back up to TCrequests@yahoo.com please do so ASAP! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Erica Reed at 918.633.8305.

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