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Winter Meeting


Championship Show Saturday January 11, 2020 - 9 am start then
out to the race after the show:

In order to participate in this show your birds must have placed in a
Texas Center Sanctioned Show at one of the regional shows in the
previous 90 days Please see the Texas Center website for details

Auction. Breeder Auction Saturday evening upon returning from the race.
A super lineup of birds from some of the top US breeders as well as imports
from some of the top up and coming breeders from Europe
Birds will be listed on the new auction site run by Frank Mclaughlin idreampigeons.com

Raffle fundraiser during the show.

One Loft Race BBQ dinner served while waiting for the birds to arrive.
In case of bad weather Sunday will be a backup day for the race

Texas Center Winter Meeting Sunday January 12, 2020 - 10 am

22742 Holzwarth Road Spring, TX 77389
The sleeping room rate for the Courtyard would be $99.00 plus tax per
night for a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday stay. The rate at the Residence
Inn would be $109.00 plus tax. The Residence Inn rooms have a kitchenette
Breakfast included at the the Residence Inn

phone 281.353.2237
Please make your plans to attend and R.S.V.P. To Bud Williams 281-924-5197
so we have an idea of how many will be attending.

Public auction of 55 Belgian pigeons imported 6 months prior the event!

Completely moulted and recovered from their shipment, coming directly from some of the finest names of the Belgian pigeon sport.

Chris Hebberecht
One of the great master of the Belgian pigeon sport with tons of national top performances and numerous references worldwide, especially in the One Loft Races competition. Several decades at the top of the modern pigeon sport.

Tom Van Gaver
The new young sensation of the Belgian pigeon sport, made a name for himself thanks to his marvelous performances in the national races and especially in the long distance flights. In 2019 a.o. 2. Nat. Ace Pigeon All Round KBDB, 1. Bourges Nat. Zone 4.277 pigeons, 1. Orléans Prov. 6.154 pigeons and 1. Blois Prov. 5.208 pigeons.

A leading name from the Belgian pigeon scene, a racing team managed by Sebastien Casaert, the talented son of the late Maurice Casaert. Incredible performances booked on the national calendar throughout all the racing seasons. A breeding loft mainly built around the old Casaert strain & the Van de Wouwer's.

A taste for the very highest quality: that's how we could resume the philosophy of Philippe Frederick, founder of the breeding station F.B.I.B.F.
With several years of experience, he spent all his time trying to find the best pigeons available on the best Antwerp loft, which leaded him to get some top references all over the world. Fantastic team built around the very best bloodlines of a.o. Van Loon, Engels, Verbruggen, Vandenabeele.

AT Breeding Loft
A super team of breeders built thanks to some expensive introductions with a.o. 2 children of the world famous 'Harry' Hooymans, 1 child of the 'Rudy' Vandenabeele and the very best of Marcel Wouters, Bart Geerinckx & PIPA Elite Center. Numerous top references added to its name over the last two years with some national top 100 positions and several National Ace Pigeons KBDB rankings.

A brand new discovery from the Belgian racing season, on its way to becoming a top established name. Winners of a.o. 1. Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB '18, 1. Best European Ace on the international races with 2 prizes 2018, 2. Olympic Pigeon Cat G Poznan 2017, 2. And 6. National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Yls KBDB 2018, 6. National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance OBs KBDB 2018, 5. General National Champion KBDB, etc.
A strong racing team built with the finest bloodlines from Gino Clicque, Etienne Devos, Georges Bolle, …
Imported for the first time ever in the US!

Gaie Brothers
Super strong racing team built with on the old strain of the late Maurice Casaert. They really came to the fore while winning a.o. the title of 1. National Champion Middle Distance KBDB, 3. & 5. National Ace Middle Distance OBs KBDB & 2. General Champion of the famous Gouden Duif competition.
Previously winners of a.o. 1. Châteauroux Nat. 44.908 pigeons in 2011, 1. Bourges Nat. 16.442 pigeons in 2012 and 2. National Champion Great Middle Distance OBs KBDB.
Also imported for the very first time in the US!

Adrien Mirabelle
One of the current young rising stars in Belgium, winning already 2 titles of National Champion KBDB + 8 differents National Ace Birds (KBDB) bred and raced by him. Loft mainly built on the pigeons from Jean-Claude Debieve at the start, then crossed on the very best bloodlines of Bart Geerinckx. Winner of top results since many years now and massive references in Belgium and Europe with his pigeons including national ace birds and national top 10 winners.

Bud Williams

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