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Important Announcements


Hello to all those participants in this year‘s Texas center open race. After much studying of the weather for Saturday, May 6 we have decide that the race will go off as scheduled from Jacksonville Arkansas. Use your best judgment in shipping your birds and good luck to everyone.

-Roland Gutierrez


I am sending this open letter out to all Texas Center Members to bring you up-to-date on the 2022 AU Election. You may or may not know that I hired a law firm to advise the AU in advance of the election that their failure to send out ballots by First Class Mail as required by the by-laws would result in election irregularities and a potential lawsuit. You all know that many of you did not receive ballots or just received one ballot when more than one individual member resided at your address. There was also no methodology to track the ballots or prevent duplication. After the election, when my counsel notified the AU that we intended to proceed in the court system (and they also received other complaints), the AU conducted an election review. In an 11-page decision, the AU's attorney has opined that the election must be redone primarily due to the AU's failure to mail the ballots by First Class Mail. The AU's answer to my threatened lawsuit is posted on The AU web site (ARPU.ORG). It is a lengthy but interesting read. They tell you what they did, what they should have done, and what they will be doing on the revote.

I want to stress that this has never been about me (I won my election race and will have to run again) but rather to ensure that the AU conduct a fair election in accordance with its by-laws. Now that we have achieved a redo of the flawed election, it is absolutely essential for each and every one of you to receive a valid ballot and to vote this time. To that end, you must make sure your club secretary has turned in your correct address for the mailing of ballots by First Class mail.

In closing, I want to assure you my efforts are not caused by any animosity towards the AU or Board Members, but were rather made to bring about more transparency pertaining to the AU and all its members. Operating under a cloud of secrecy is no way to represent the people of our beloved sport. I think the BIZ 6 group has a positive point of view that will enhance the future of the AU, its members and the sport as a whole. Your vote for C.L. Gage for Southwest ZONE DIRECTOR and the BIZ 6 members as NEW officers in the AU will have a tremendous and positive impact on the AU as a group of dedicated pigeon flyers and lower the cost of the sport, something we can all appreciate.

Thank you for your support.
C.L. Gage

I just received a phone call from Linda Hill informing me that my good friend Bill B. Hill pased away this Monday morning August 29, 2022. Bill was a friend and mentor to myself as well as many others. He will be greatly missed by me and many others. Rest in peace my friend. -Roland

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